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Life After Loss is here to help anyone affected by the loss of a baby. We provide support and information to those who have been through the death of a baby at any stage of pregnancy, or early in life, for any reason.

Our headquarters is in Northern Ireland, and many of our events and activities are also held in Northern Ireland. However we do carry out a substantial amount of work with Warrington Hospital, and are always looking for ways to expand our support network throughout the UK. Indeed, the support forum has given support to members from all across the UK and Worldwide.

The organisation was founded in 2006, starting life as an online support forum for bereaved families. The forum is now in the form of a Facebook Group , and is still an integral part of what we do, and is available for grieving parents to read and post messages, giving and receiving support.

In 2007, Life After Loss was granted Charitable Status by HMRC. We are also registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

We believe that by offering support and friendship to each other, parents whose lives have been devastated by the loss of a baby can begin to heal and to pick up the pieces of their broken lives. Life may never be the same, but slowly it can be rebuilt, eventually you can learn to smile again.



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